First Check-This-Blogger Alert: My Puppy, My Self

I just discovered a blogger after my own heart and wanted to share with all 17 of you, my dear readers: My Puppy, My Self.

I somewhat question whether the blog title, “My Puppy, My Self,”  accurately reflects the content, catchy though it is.  The intentional separation of “my” and self” may lead a casual reader to believe that the author sees his puppy as one with his “self.”  But I don’t think this this is the simplistic case at all after reading a few of his articles.  For example, on July 16, 2010, blog author Lee Charles Kelley writes:

One of my main themes here is that, for most species (excluding cetaceans and some primates), animal consciousness should be described economically, through the laws of physics, not through higher-order intellectual thought processes. (This is why I think Freud — whose psychology was based on the conservation of energy — is more relevant to dog training than Pavlov and Skinner.) 

From post titled “Canine Communication, II: “Calming Signals & the Mel Gibson Tapes

It’s good stuff! This is the kind of guy who experences transendence reading books like My Dog Tulip.  Therefore, I respectfully suggest he rethink the blog title. Something more cerebral, perhaps? (If I come up with any brilliant notions, I shall of course suggest them to Mr. Kelley directly.)

I’m reminded of the translation issues over Chekov’s Lady With a Little Dog.  Since the Russian language doesn’t use articles, what meaning are we superimposing by chosing “a little dog” over “the little dog.” And what does it mean if we change it to “The Lady?” 

I digress.

Check it out. “My Puppy, My Self ” contains some good ideas about dogs and people… that is, of you’re into dog psychology, human psychology, and intersections of the two.



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3 responses to “First Check-This-Blogger Alert: My Puppy, My Self

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate your enthusiasm for something a lot of people take exception to.

    The reason my blog is titled “My Puppy, My Self” (which you may discover if you go back to some of my earlier articles) is because I believe that the deeply-felt emotional nature of the human/canine bond — which operates on the principles of emergence theory — is a form of shared consciousness that has a tendency to blur the lines between the dog and human mind.

    So while I don’t think dogs have the capacity for certain thought processes that, as far as we know right now, are only found in humans (and maybe dolphins), they sometimes act as if they do.

    They get under our skin and sort of hijack our brains. As a result they “know” things about our inner emotional lives that we might not even be consciously aware of ourselves.

    Thanks again!


  2. CRZ

    Hi. Love your blog. Just an informal comment from a dog lover. Realized I may be too much of a dog lover because this past saturday while walking my tiny, but hugely irratating Yorkie, I was attacked by a neighbors dog not 75 feet from my home. Two bites, blood, anti biotics and three IV bags later…the Yorkie is just fine. Not a scratch on him, I did my job protecting the little heartbreaker! Ce le vie

    • that was very brave of you — i hope you’re feeling better. i also hope that your neighbors were properly apologetic and have taken some precautions to prevent that from ever happening again. i don’t care how annoying your dog is, attacking is not an acceptable response!

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